Monday, April 23, 2012

What does it cost?

How many man-hours do you think go into a typical weekend service at TBC? 20 hours? 40? 70?

Our services are completely volunteer driven, which means that these people are giving up their time and energy to serve you and to serve God.  Lets break it down...

It takes 8 volunteers to run the technical systems each weekend and there are normally 8 people in the band.  On a weekend where the choir or orchestra are performing, there are 20 more people involved.  Then there are 3 vocalists leading in the Lower Auditorium.

Lets say 39 people.

31 of them have this schedule: 2 hours of Thursday rehearsal + 5 hours on Sunday mornings = 217
5 of them have this schedule: 5 hours on Sunday mornings = 25
3 of them have this schedule: 1 hour on Sunday morning = 3

Total hours = 245

That is the equivalent of 6 people working a 40 hour week and thats just counting the time the volunteers were physically in the building.  It doesn't include the hours of practice they do on their own time or the hours of work that Bryan and I invest each week.  If TBC were to pay even minimum wage for this work it would cost $1,776.25 each week and $92,365 each year.

We have incredible talent at TBC and I'm so thankful that so many great artists are willing to give their talent away to build the Church.  So thanks to all our Worship Arts volunteers for all the great work you do!