Art and technology can come together to create something truly amazing.  Together they can be an incredibly powerful tool for the Church to use as we build the Kingdom of God.  To that end, I currently have the privilege of serving as the Technical Arts Director at the North Shore campus of Willow Creek Community Church, leading our tech volunteers and overseeing our production systems.  

Before coming to Chicago in January 2013, I worked as the Technical Arts Director at Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, KS, I was a worship leader on staff at Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville, OH and also worked in the Production department of Cedarville University.  I love mountain biking and coffee and meetings.  I'm a musician who became an audio guy by necessity, then fell in love with video, and then stumbled into lighting.  But most of the time I'd rather be at FOH.

Favorite Tools of the Trade:

Avid Venue consoles
Heil Microphones
Jands Vista
Apple MacBook Pro
Renewed Vision's ProPresenter 5
Planning Center Online
Google Drive
Vimeo Plus

Social Media: