Friday, June 11, 2010

Technology as Worship

As ministers of the Gospel who just happen to be involved in technology, it is critical that we remember the whole point of what we do. Technology is a tool that can clarify and present the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that people can connect with.  Graphics, sound, video, all of it is for nothing if the focus is on the technology and not on Christ.  As volunteers and staff involved in media ministry, we have to remember that our work in the church is worship.

The sound engineer and the graphics operator and the video guy are just as important as the worship leader on stage and are crucial in the presentation of the message of the Gospel. Tech can either be invisible, enhancing and supporting the service imperceptibly, or it can be a massive distraction, creating barriers in the service. This is the power that rests in the hands of tech volunteers, whether or not you or the congregation realizes it. When we grasp the seriousness of our role, our specific jobs take on a whole new importance as both worship and service. But remember, the technology should never distract from message.

For more on technology in worship, check out this article by Bob Rognlien...

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