Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Days Until Christmas Eve Services

Only five days left to prepare for that afternoon/evening of the year when churches have the largest crowds of the year (Easter may come in close). This can be a nerve racking service as well, when you start to think about all the people who will experience the Gospel message for the first time or experience your church for the first time. The desire to effectively and creatively communicate the most important message ever can understandably add to the stress of this already busy and hectic time of year. Those working in tech ministry are especially stretched, as we juggle Christmas productions, special outreach events, and special service days and times in addition to normal weekly duties. But, to put all this in perspective, this is one of the best opportunities we have all year to reach people for Christ. They are often open, they are coming to church for the first time since April, and they are often thinking about the meaning of the season.

So do put extra effort and creative work into your Christmas Eve productions. Do work on that special video or dramatic piece or extra stage element. But don't put so much faith in human efforts that you allow the details overwhelm the fact that God is the one who will bring all the elements together to work in hearts. I love for things to be perfect on the production and creative content end, so this is often hard for me. But we all have a great opportunity to be a part of what God is doing this Christmas season and I for one don't want to miss out because I was buried in worry over details.

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