Saturday, March 5, 2011

What We've Done in 2010...Continued

In the previous post, I discussed some changes and improvements that we've made to gear and workflow in the Tech Arts department at TBC in the past few months. But, although a lot has changed and its always exciting to get new gear, its even more exciting to see the volunteers at TBC succeed and grow in their roles. As we've added new gear and streamlined processes, we've also seen growth on our team. Volunteers have expanded their skills and many have branched out and learned to serve in new technical areas. We've also been blessed to add several competent and motivated members to our Tech Arts family. This is exciting to me since, in the end, its not at all about the gear anyway. Its about serving our church body and helping people to worship, learn, and grow, both in our congregation and in our tech team. The gear is simply a tool we use to minister and it important to keep our priorities in order. Investing in people is our number one goal and the gear should never hinder or distract from that.

As technical artists in the church, it is often tempting to check out of the service and focus on our roles. To be fair, it is important that we pay careful attention to our jobs and do an excellent job. However, we often miss out on opportunities to worship and learn during a service. As members of the tech team, we can be just as engaged in worship and learning, as those in congregation. When musicians are leading worship, we assume that they are worshiping God, despite the fact that they play a complex instrument. The key is that they are so familiar and comfortable with their instruments, that the instruments and the music become secondary and instinctive. The same applies to the technical arts. When we grow confidence and understanding of our roles, it frees us to worship God, even while we serve. Will we always be able to have the same experience that those we are serving in the congregation will? No, probably not. But don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy spiritual growth and renewal. In our line of work, technical growth can clear the way for spiritual growth.

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